God bless the 112

I have this thing where I believe people can read my mind, so I avoid thinking things that could be embarrassing…

HOWEVER today on the tram this very cute young man got on and stood infront of me, despite the fact that there was a spare seat opposite me (gawsh). After complaining in my head about how I couln’t see his face I noticed he had an extraordinary bottom!! So I’m sitting there complimenting him in my mind, when he walks further away from me. I then start the whole process about how he’s probably reading my mind and hearing everything.. “Relax buddy, I’m just saying you’ve got a nice bum!” I also sometimes tell them to do things if they actually can hear me, but it never works BUT THEN! As I asked him to turn around if he could hear my thoughts, he totally did!!

The short of the short: Cute boy, nice bum, mind reader, great tram ride.

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Posted on Thursday, 22 March
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